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Terms & Conditions

  1. All transactions will be processed by Ile De Chocolat Pty Ltd with registration number 2018/407906/07.

  2. Order process times will be a minimum of 3 working days from confirmation of payment. Note the final date for delivery or collection will be confirmed via email or mobile text.  

  3. Only certain products can be shipped via courier. A flat rate is charged and will be included as part of the checkout process. Delivery is currently limited to South Africa only.

  4. All other products must be collected from our premises located in Knysna.

  5. Orders are not refundable if you CANCEL within 72 hours of delivery or collection. If you notify us with more than 72 hours notice, we will issue you a credit voucher equal to the value of payment made. 

  6. Once your item has been collected by the couriers or yourselves, we are not responsible for any damage incurred during transportation. Cakes and Chocolate are heat-sensitive, extremely fragile and require heat insulation packaging.

  7. If you are collecting, please have adequate space within your vehicle that is also properly airconditioned. Please do not transport your item in a car with pets, it may end up in a messy affair.

  8. All products will contain some form of allergens (e.g. milk, wheat, nuts, edible flowers, etc.) and we will not be held responsible for any adverse reactions to ingredients.

  9. To ensure freshness, please ensure that our products are stored appropriately in a cool dark place.

  10. Products may differ slightly from the photos and sizes are based on averages.

  11. Any complaints must be reported within 48 hours of your receiving it.

  12. Terms and Conditions for any competition offered by Ile De Chocolat may be viewed here.

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